Decentralized Authentication

Easy login. controlled by your wallet.

A decentralized, private, and convenient way to sign into the apps you love.

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No emails, no passwords – two clicks is all what it takes to sign into the apps you love.


Unlike Facebook & Google email logins, Silkey signs you into apps with randomly-generated keys that cannot be traced back to you.


Silkey creates a decentralized profile you own and control with your wallet keys. This means neither Silkey nor the apps you sign into can access your login activities or wallet keys, making your data censorship-free, private, and secure.


Track all your login activities in a single place along with the data you share and where you share it.

Email relay service​

If you choose to receive emails while remaining private, Silkey generates a relay email that forwards all messages to your primary address. You can turn off email forwarding with one click.

The internet you love. private. easy.

Silkey is currently an alpha product. Take it for a spin and share your feedback with us.

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Many reasons why app developers love Silkey.

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