Decentralized Authentication

Decentralized Authentication (dAuth)

A private, secure, and easy way for users to log in without email/password.

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Why Silkey

A user-owned & controlled authentication standard for a new internet

Watch how Silkey works

In this video we demo how Silkey signs users into dummy websites without collecting a email/password crypto wallet. Watch it now. 

Improved security for everyone

With Silkey, users authenticate themselves using a crypto wallet, and apps simply request permissions to access their data. This means developers don’t need to keep sensitive data such as emails and passwords. 

Delightful user experience

With no emails/passwords to collect, and by empowering users to control their data,  web3 users including privacy-conscious ones will have more reasons to trust your app and engage with it. 

More time for building core apps

Silkey’s dAuth standard is easy to implement and maintain saving you hundreds of development hours that you can spend on developing core applications.

And you can still communicate with users​

You can ask users to opt in to receive your emails either during sign-up or over time using Silkey’s gradual permissions.

SDKs and Plugins

Javascript & NodeJS SDK
Javascript & NodeJS SDK


Ruby SDK
Ruby SDK


Discourse Plugin
Discourse Plugin


Let's work together

We're looking to partner with app developers to implement and evolve our dAuth standard. Drop us a line If you would like to work with us.

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